Privacy Policy

Collected Data

Our servers log information about each computer connecting with our site such as IP address, device characteristics, operating system, browser type, type of connection, page and image viewing statistics, and incoming and outgoing links. We also log the metadata associated with any images or videos you upload. Some data may be loosely associated with you based on your account.

Unless otherwise specified, personal data is not shared outside the family of sites.

Your use of social media plug-ins to access our site may share additional data between us and the social media site. The shared data is normally outlined in the policies of the social media site.

Our advertising partners may use non-personally identifiable data to help tailor ads. No data is directly provided by us. However, be aware that your IP may be exposed.*

Any cookie data by us is used exclusively for internal purposes or in partnership with our advertising partners and is not shared outside of providing our services.

In the event of any revision a version number and date will be posted at bottom of the document. is maintained in the US. As such, some laws may conflict with GDPR standards. We must protect both data integrity, and privacy based on US law where there is a conflict. If you're concerned what this means for your data please contact us. Be aware there will be little change in our standards as we're committed to only sharing data that makes our services possible.*

Revision: 1.1
Date: 05-26-18
* shows paragraphs that have changed since the last version.